Inktype is a one-man b(r)and.

The Designer

I’m Tevan, a 36-year-old web designer living in Chapel Hill, NC. Web design is one of my passions; I enjoy it immensely. My vision includes giving people a platform for communication and improving platforms that already exist.

When I’m not making websites, I’m listening to music, exploring the Triangle, and getting to know the people I’m with.

The Website

This site was designed in Photoshop, coded in TextMate, incorporated into WordPress, and enlivened by jQuery. It uses HTML5 markup as well as CSS3 for styling. Inktype has been tested on all the major browsers in both Windows and OS X. CSSMania, a gallery of websites “with an appealing aesthetic,” featured this site on March 23, 2011.

Tevan looking at the camera